Capitalism - The American Experience 1907-1941

Assessment Task Sheet

Books in the SS Library

The making of America : from wilderness to world power

973 BEA

A history of the United States

973 HIL

America : a history

973 HUX

An outline of American history

973 OUT

America : from New World to World Power

973 WHI

The U.S.A. 1919-81

973.9 BRO


973.9 HAR

Roosevelt and the United States

973.9 OCA

America : 1870-1975

973.9 OKE

The USA in the early twentieth century

973.91 HAM

The USA 1900-1945

973.91 MIR

USA 1919-1941. GCSE modern world history for Edexce

973.91 WAU


Inquiry Task

Develop a proposition that answers the Inquiry question:

Were the industrialists in the Gilded Age of American history ‘Captains of Industry’ or ‘Robber Barons’?

You must be able to define both terms in your explanation essay.