Human Impact on Ecosystems


Human Impact On Ecosystems

Your job now is to choose a human impact activity that is affecting the environment. Research the effect on habitats and a species that is directly or indirectly affected by it. You will need to research your topic, take notes and publish your findings in a Prezi or a Sway. Make sure to include images, maps, graphs and data to help explain your findings...

Species Human Impact Activity Looking Forward
Species name What is it? What is the prognosis if changes aren't made?
Habitat What is its purpose? What changes need to be implemented now if conservation
is the number 1 priority?
Diet What damage is it causing to the biosphere? What adjustments do we need to make to ensure humans
still get what they require to survive?
Behaviours What damage is it doing to your species? What is the cost to restore the species' population numbers?
Reproduction How are scientists measuring this?
(Add in statistics where you can)
What can people in your local community do to help?
Population in 1900, 1950, 2000, & 2020    
Interesting Facts